• On this website and on most other websites geared towards escort services, you will find a lot of terminology or abbreviations, you might not understand the meaning. We will try to list the most common ones here and describe their meaning.

    American Born Chinese (Grew up in US)
    Bareback Blowjob. A blowjob without a condom.
    Bareback full sex. Sex without condom
    Bardershops: parlors for cheap sex
    Covered Blowjob. A blowjob with condom. Recommended if you are very afraid of catching a disease.
    Covered full sex. Sex with a condom
    Cowgirl. A sexposition where the girl rides the guy's dick, facing him
    Cum-in-Mouth. The guy climaxes and shoots his load in her mouth. She might spit or swallow.
    Cum-on-Body. The guy climaxes and shoots his load on any part of her body (except tits or face)
    Cum-on-Face. The guy climaxes and shoots his load on her face.
    Cum-on-Tits. The guy climaxes and shoots his load on her tits.
    Dinner-at-the-Y. Giving the girl oral; licking her pussy.
    Daytime Assistant
    The girl will stay with a guy during the day (4 to 8 hours), to help him with daily tasks, like for example translation or shopping. The tasks are not sexual oriented; no sex is expected.
    Deep Throat
    Deep throat is a blow job, where the penis travels to the depth of her throat, giving the guy the feeling a tight all round grasp. A Girl who performs deep throat, is able to suppress her gag reflex while doing this.
    Deep French Kissing; passionate french kissing with tongue
    Dinner Date
    It means she will spend 1 or 2 hours with a guy in a restaurant or a bar, socializing and talking. After that you two go to a private place for full time service.
    French Kissing
    Full Service
    This includes Sex in different positions, like for example Missionary or (Reverse) Cowgirl, Doggy are most common. Often preceded by a blowjob before the actual deed.
    Girlfriend Experience
    Girlfriend Experience
    This means that the girl has the ability to make the guy feel like she is his girlfriend. Both outside and inside the bed. It requires social skill and erotic skills on her part. Social skills includes talking about herself, laughing about his jokes, being attentive, etc. Erotic skills may include her French kissing him, hugging him and/or giving him a massage before and/or after sex. Counting money and watching the clock generally is not done by a GFE girl.
    Happy Ending Massage
    The guy will receive a massage, which includes his genital parts, until he climaxes.
    The guy will go to the working girl's residence or hotel. (as opposed to outcall)
    The working girl will come to the guy's place. (as opposed to incall)
    The guy and the girl stay together through the night. Generally, before he goes to sleep, they will have full service sex. In the morning, often they will have another sex session, before she leaves.
    POP Limitation
    Meaning a guy only can have a limited number of orgasms/sex within the alotted time. For example only once per hour.
    Pornstar Experience
    This means that the girl has the ability to make the guy feel like he's starring in a japanese adult video (JAV), where she wants to fuck his brains out in the most dirty and naughty ways possible. It requires a certain stamina and passion for sex from the girl. It means full service sex in different positions, where she might take the lead over him, instead of him leading you. It generally includes a loud and sloppy (deep throat) blowjob, where she might want to swallow instead of spit, or even snowball. Often, PSE girls also don't have a pop limit.
    Prostate Massage
    It means the girl will stick her finger inside the guy's anus and massages his prostate until he comes. Generally the orgasm is experienced more intense this way.
    Pornstar Experience
    Reversed Cowgirl, a sexposition where the girl rides the guy's dick, facing away
    Orally licking the anus
    Return To Fuck, come back to a working girl
    Very petite and slim girl
    Short Time, used for one shoot sex service
    Sweet Young Thing, very young working girl
    Travel Companion
    The girl will spend multiple days with a guy in another city or country. It is assumed he will pay for her visa and all travel expenses and lodging. On top of that it is expected he will pay for her escort services, if he so desires.
    Used for a massage service without any sexual interaction
    Working Girl, Escort
    Your Mileage May Vary; different customers may receive different quality of service